The HikMicro Alpex A50T Digital Day/Night Vision riflescope provides full colour viewing by day, and in Twilight/low light, switching to night vision at night, allowing you to find clear and detailed targets even in the darkest of nights, as well as in full colour during the day time.

With the appearance of a traditional 30mm day scope, the new Hik Micro Alpex Digital day and night vision riflescope provides full colour viewing by day, switching to twilight and night vision allowing 24/7 operation to the very highest performance.

Ultra High Performance, Ultra Competitive Pricing

With a detection range of up to 600m the Alpex A50T features radical features and enhancements such as Image Defog technology to deliver the crispest cleanest image on the market via a 1024×768 HD OLED display with up to 13hrs run time.

In daytime the Alpex operates like a normal day scope, providing rich natural colours, allowing daytime operation like your traditional glass optical scope.

With 3.5x to 14x mag with Picture in Picture, Alpex is ready for rabbiting in day time through to long range foxing at night.

IP67 rated for use in all weathers, Alpex features video recording and wifi streaming to a mobile device with precision zoom and zeroing feature as well as multiple zeroing profiles and a choice of reticle options.

Twilight and Extreme Low Light Use

High SNR and purple fringing correction algorithm can reduce the interference of abnormal noise on the edge of the image, which helps image and detail restoration. In the daytime, even from morning to twilight, when the human eye cannot recognize details of targets, ALPEX improves your ability to identify targets.

Traditional Design

Alpex fits and looks like a traditional day scope, using 30mm ring mounts, it does not look out of place on a classic hunting rifle or modern sporting AR platform, allowing you 24/7 operation, at an incredible price.


• 1440×1080 High-definition sensor
• Day/Night mode with automatic level adjustment
• Audio and video recording and snapshot
• Image defog technology
• Supports recoil-activation recording
• Built-in EMMC (64 GB)
• 1024*768 resolution 0.39-inch OLED display
• Detection range up to 600 m

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